Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the future of the world. It makes complicated tasks easier. Tedious tasks which incorporate repetition become effortless. How will this affect web development? Let’s read the definition of AI first:

In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans.


Mistake Prevention

We make mistakes, we are all human. Let’s face it, in web development we have all made a mistake or two. Whether that is forgetting to close out a tag or accidentally forgetting to deploy a file that breaks the core functionality of the web application, it is a mistake that could cost us consumer loss at crucial times. AI is machine intelligence which has the utilities and tools to not make the same mistakes we do.



We can assign AI to do repetitive tasks for us, which will become automated, such as creating backups, moving files to a different directory, or communicating with the customer. Mind you, we are still at an incomplete stage in AI. We do not have what we call “full automation” where we can have the AI do nearly everything for us without intervention.

Full Automation

Eventually, we might be able to see the full automation of our lives and not just in web development. We have started a long time ago by automating the production of products, consumer goods, cars, and many others. It goes without saying that we are slowly ever approaching the end goal of full automation and maybe even beyond.

Even in today’s times, we have smart homes, voice search, home cleaning robots, autopilot and other such technologies that all contain some sort of artificial intelligence. Each one of these has taken its place in the market, but this is far from the end. Could you have imagined Tesla’s autopilot to exist a decade ago? It’s amazing how far we can come in some short years. Technology is truly ever-evolving.


The rate at which AI is evolving is what gives me hope. I can imagine a future where we have human-like robots taking care of our everyday tedious tasks. It is quite a sight if you can imagine it.

Saving Time

Artificial Intelligence can facilitate any action hundred of times. If programmers know that it will be widely used during the development of web services, they will also know that most actions can be safely transferred to the robot without quality loss. This will also give them some fresh air as their deadlines will be significantly reduced.


Artificial Intelligence will help improve the user experience multiple times. You can embed them in finish products with user orientation, such as a chatbot. Seeing more and more artificial intelligence in web development will be very prevalent in the upcoming years.

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