Choosing the right web hosting company can be a determinant factor in the progress of your business. The right decision can make your business; the wrong decision can hinder your business. Therefore, when choosing the right web hosting for your business, you should take the time to check for the following:

Web Hosting Type

The first thing you want to look for is the type of web hosting plan that is ideal for your business. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting are the major types of web hosting plans. Your choice will be mostly dependent on the nature of your business. Shared hosting is ideal for small companies, while dedicated servers are perfect for large business models. Heavy-duty sites like Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon opt for cloud hosting since they send and receive tons of files every second.

Server Speed and Location

Slow websites are annoying and can redirect your website visitors to competitors’ sites. Your website speed is determined by the location of the data center, the power of the machine, and the OS of the server. This means the perfect web hosting company for a business owner in Hong Kong may not be the best choice for an American business owner unless the hosting company has data centers that are closer to both locations.

Bluehost has data centers in Provo, Utah, Orem, USA, Mumbai, India, London, UK, Hong Kong, Shanghai, China. 

GoDaddy has data centers in Phoenix, Arizona, Scottsdale, Mesa, Los Angeles, Virginia, Ashburn, and Chicago, USA, Singapore, and Amsterdam. 

SiteGround has data centers in Iowa, Chicago, London, Eemshaven, Amsterdam, and Singapore.


While both companies offer quality services, Bluehost would be an ideal option for the Hong Kong-based business while GoDaddy would be perfect for the American business owner. Siteground would be perfect for the business owner that is seeking fast connectivity across three continents.

To choose the right web hosting company, one is supposed to choose a company that has data centers closer to the location of his business. This way, you have little or nothing to worry about when visitors access your web pages.


After deciding on the web hosting type and server speed, you should check for the bandwidth. Your website traffic will determine the bandwidth. If your website receives good traffic, then you should opt for a hosting company that provides vast bandwidth. 

GoDaddy offers unmetered bandwidth, which means there’s no limit to the monthly bandwidth that you use. 

Liquid Web provides high bandwidth plans for your website. They offer bandwidth ranging from 1TB to 15TB, depending on the web hosting plan. 


Also, Namecheap not just a huge bandwidths limit (100TB), but at 1Gbps, it is faster in performance. While massive bandwidth is essential for large-scale businesses, subscribing to a 100TB/month bandwidth may be useless for small business owners. 

In this case, BlueHost and HostGator would be ideal as they offer smaller bandwidth usually measured in GB. The bottom line is that you should evaluate your website traffic before deciding on the web host company.


You want to make sure your website does not fall prey to hackers, scammers, and spammers. Missing files and information can compromise the integrity of your business. It makes security a very critical point to pay close attention too. 

Not all web hosting services provide security measures against spammers and hackers, SiteGround, Bluehost, WP Enginecome with security features such as SSL, HTTPS, and Cloudflare CDN that can satisfy the security needs of any website.

Technical Support

When things go wrong (definitely, things will go wrong at least once), how long will it take my service provider to come to aid? The right web hosting company will be available round the clock to come to your rescue anytime any day. 

They assure you that you can get help if something goes wrong. SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and Bluehost are the best hosting companies when it comes to customer support and service. 


They have online chat support, a 24/7 phone call, and an email response team that can handle any issue, regardless of the time. So you can rest easy knowing these web hosting companies can help with solving your problems 24/7.


Cost should not be a critical issue here as many businesses operate on a limited budget. While there are free hosting companies, there are restrictions in terms of customization and limited access to several resources. 

Starting free could be a solid start for an individual, but it’s not advisable for businesses. You pay for what you get isn’t always the case when it comes to web hosting. 


At $2.95, Bluehost offers one of the cheapest web hosting services. A2 HostingHostGator, and SiteGround offer more for less as well. Just ensure that you put everything in check before settling on a hosting company.

Other things to look out for in the right web hosting companies are disk space, email accounts, and operating systems. I have compiled a list of the best web hosting companies in terms of security, speed, support, and performance.

  • LiquidWeb
  • SiteGround
  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy
  • InMotion Hosting
  • Liquid Web
  • A2 Hosting
  • WP Engine
  • NameCheap
  • HostGator

Final Thoughts

We compared multiple web hosting companies out there, each having their own pros and cons. I would recommend you do some research yourself and take an analysis on your website. Your website may not need all the functionality that some of these companies offer.

Optimizing your website is important but there are a ton of factors that can go into play before you make a decision like costs. When it comes down to it, I personally recommend Bluehost if you are running a small blog, but if you are transitioning into a larger scale business I recommend you go with Siteground.

From a professional perspective, I absolutely love Siteground. Their support is A-class, and they provide extremely fast web hosting while maintaining amazing security.

Analyzing your website can be an intimidating task. Not sure which hosting provider is right for you? Go with Siteground or Contact Me so I can analyze your website and set you up with a host for a low cost.

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