What I can do for you

  • Creation of a game in a game engine
  • Provide Assets for your game
  • Create the backend your game will run off of
  • Help you find a host

Game Creation in a Game Engine

I have worked with Unity and Unreal Engine in the past. There have been other game engines and frameworks that I have worked with as well, however Unity and Unreal Engine will give you the bang for your buck. I am able to create you a full fledged game. If you can envision it, I can create it. It can take some time to perfect the game to how you see fit. Game Design is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Assets for your game

I can work with you to get you assets for your game. This is an option for those who may not have an artist on their team already or need an extra pair of hands creating art assets. I will have one of my artists help you out and create you, your assets that you require.

Creating the backend

I can create you the backend your game will utilize in storing, retrieving, deleting, and updating information. I will create you an API your game will call to do all these functions and will be make it lightning fast so you are able to provide your player base with a good experience.

Helping you find a host

Find a host is no easy job. There are multiple problems that could occur if the proper host is not selected correctly. I can point you in the right direction of a good host. You have the option of hosting with me as well for a low monthly cost.

Don’t Waste Time, Contact Me

Don’t let time go to waste! Time is money after all. Contact me today with your preferred channel. I should always be available to chat about game design and more!

Get Started

Let’s work together. I’ll work hard to achieve your goals.

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