Proper programming and coding is very important in today’s standards. Industry standard code is so crucial in the success of many major companies. I can help with that, I will provide you with industry standard code that will assist you in your endeavors.

What I can do for you

  • Create software that will fit your business needs
  • Evaluate and Optimizing Algorithms
  • Create windows services that will automate daily tasks

Creating Software

I will create custom software that will fit and function for your business needs. This may include web applications or even desktop applications. I have worked with both in the past and I will provide you will aesthetically pleasing apps that do all the functionality that you would want them to do.

Evaluate and Optimizing Algorithms

In this day and age no one loves to just wait around. Don’t let this be your users. If you really think about it users typically only wait up to three seconds for a website to load before they lose interest and close out.

I will analyze the run time and space time complexity of your algorithms and give advice on how to make them faster if possible. Fast algorithms could mean faster applications, which users absolutely love. There will be instances where the current algorithms are going to be as fast as they can.

Creating Windows Services

I will create windows services that will automate tasks for you. This can include anywhere from sending out emails to your consumers, creating orders for your website, sending out sms messages and more! If you can think of a task you want to automate, I can automate it.

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