Repository Management is very crucial to the DevOps life cycle. You need to build, deploy, keep track of issue and resolve bugs. Let me help you with that by managing your repository for you. I am well versed with Github/Gitlab.

What I can do for you

What I can do for you is set up the CI/CD pipeline for your developers. This will allow you to push and build and deploy to development/production all from a single commit. This will make your developers lives a lot easier.

I can set up and manage your project boards and Issues. Essentially, I can become a project manager to assist your team in prioritizing tasks that are more important. Teams see a huge difference in productivity when having a project manager.

I can also maintain your readme file which if not structured well will confuse new on boarded developers. It is important we implement industry standards and the structure that is used by millions across the globe.

Don’t Waste Time, Contact Me

Don’t let time go to waste! Time is money after all. Contact me today with your preferred channel. I should always be available to chat about game design and more!

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Let’s work together. I’ll work hard to achieve your goals.

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